Are Wireless Desktop Speakers Worth the Money?

June 2, 2017

Are wireless desktop speakers worth getting? Most people think of the term as a blessing. However, most people don’t realize that wireless desktop speakers aren’t absolute, and there is a drawback to every advantage when it comes to electronics.
The biggest problem that many people would have when using wireless desktop speakers is the fact that the speakers aren’t really wireless. In fact, most wireless speakers have simply replace one wire with an entire box. The box is the receiver for the speakers. The advantage to this is that it allows you to place the speakers at a good distance away from the desktop. This prevents wire tangling to some extent. However, you will lose quality potential the farther you move them away from the desktop. That leaves a big “what-if” when it comes to the quality of wireless desktop speakers.

The wireless desktop speakers will obviously still have wires to operate. You will still have the wire for the power and the wire to connect the speaker to the receiver. Some examples of this are the Rocketfish ™ wireless speaker kits that can be found at Best Buy . According to the description on the website, the Rocketfish ™ wireless speaker kits can deliver CD quality sound to the speakers.

In some builds, the wires can be replaced by Bluetooth devices and the speakers will have built-in Bluetooth receivers. An example of these speakers can be found at Wal-Mart. The Creative Labs Inspire T-12 wireless desktop speakers use Bluetooth technology to operate. However, these speakers may actually receive a weaker signal and the same range as the other type since Bluetooth technology already has shorter ranges and less bandwidth then other wireless technologies. Also, the speaker’s powerful magnet could interfere with the Bluetooth signal. This can result in even less quality when it comes to wireless desktop speakers.

The choices for wireless desktop speakers are there, but the most frequent choice is usually won over by the quality of the sound produced. Therefore, it may actually be a better choice to stick to wired speakers if possible. If not, then you will want to buy a receiver which can deliver the best quality to wireless desktop speakers.…

Why the iPad 2 is Evolutionary and Not Revolutionary

May 13, 2017

The iPad 2 boasts several new features over its predecessor, but although it has a new processor, graphics card, cameras, speakers, and several other new features, the iPad 2 is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Here’s why.
The iPad 2 Is Behind the Tablet Curve

When most people make iPad 2 comparisons they compare it to the original iPad and not to the tablet market in general. When you look at Apple’s new tablet, you’ll usually see that it has a faster processor, better graphics, two new cameras, and other nifty features that weren’t on the first version, but if you look at the tablet market you’ll notice that the iPad 2 has half the RAM of most tablets [512MB instead of 1GB], subpar front and back facing cameras, poor internet options [bad data plans, no 4G support, and WiFi or 3G models], no Adobe Flash support, lacks expandable memory, and lacks native data ports. The original iPad was revolutionary and was a serious game changer – the iPad 2 is just a standard second generation tablet.

Some Things Were Minor Improvements – or Weren’t Changed at All

While we’re on the subject of Apple’s second generation tablet evolved, some things on the iPad 2 were barely changed from the original, while some things weren’t changed at all. The iPad 2 received a minor upgrade in its design [slimmer, lighter, and has new speakers], but its display, battery, internet options, ports, and the majority of the apps on the iPad 2 are the same that were used on the original.

Lots of the New Features are Just iPad 3 Stepping Stones

The iPad 2 would have been revolutionary if Apple would have spent their time adding features that would have made the iPad phenomenal instead of focusing their time on creating Smart Covers and making the iPad thinner and lighter, tweaking the speakers, adding shoddy cameras, and creating a white model. You can kind of tell what the next iPad will feature by looking at what the current model is missing. It’s likely that the iPad 3 will feature Retina Display, 4G internet technology, HD cameras, and more RAM.

For more, read Is the iPad 2’s New Slim Design a Good or Bad Thing? , Why the IPad 2’s Cameras Are the Biggest Drawback of Apple’s New Tablet , and iPad 2: Things I Miss the Most About My Old iPad

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Audio Effects: Chorus

May 6, 2017

There are many instrument and vocal effects an audio engineers and artists can use to improve, polish and sweeten the sound of individual tracks or on entire mix audio recordings. One of the most common and widely used audio effects is the trusty old chorus effect. Chorus effects can take a mono signal and slightly warble the pitch at a given frequency on separate channels to create a full and wide stereo effect. This can be useful for creating a spacious effect in a track or a mix and, depending on the parameters that are dialed in, can create spacey sounds from other worlds.
Chances are pretty good that if you listen to just about any kind of music that you have heard this effect. This effect can be used for subtle and transparent changes in transients to huge warbled underwater effects. The parameters are fairly simple and easy to use and they include rate, depth and speed of the effect. The rate control is used to change rate of speed that the frequency is changed at. Slower speeds can create a wide and subtle stereo effect while higher rates of change will create an underwater effect. The depth control will determine the range that the frequency sweeps will be contained in and allow for short ranges that will be subtle depending on the speed control to wide ranges that can create a very spacey sound. The speed control will allow the user to speed up or slow down the depth and rate sweeps to contour the effect and tailor it to the needs of the current project.

Some rack systems that include chorus effects will have mix and level controls as well and may even include individual controls for left and right placement of the effect within the stereo field. This can be useful to create a sound that includes the original dry sound of the source material mixed with the desired effect and widened for the output of the final mix and effects chain. Depending on the application of effects an engineer might choose something as simple as the “stomp box” version of the effect or a full blown studio rack mounted system with every possible configuration parameter available. In most live applications an artist will use the box version or a simplified rack mounted version of this audio effect system.

This simple effect has been around for a long time and is widely used in audio recordings, movie sound effects …

IPad 3 thinner and retina

May 3, 2017

Despite the initial assurances that the Retina screens are too costly to place in the third generation of the iPad, it appears that the new Apple tablet will, however, be equipped with them.

A few weeks ago we reported on market speculation that suggested that Retina Display displays would not be included in the third-generation iPad due to the high cost of production that would significantly increase the price of the tablet. Apparently, however, we managed to find a solution to this problem, because it is said that the iPad, however, will receive a Retina, which provides a picture at 2048 x 1536 pixels and more, such displays are already tested. In addition, the iPad 3 will not only be equipped with a better screen, but also lose weight.

It is not known, however, whether Apple will opt for two versions of iPad 3. The first, with a standard display, and the second with Retina, which would however be slightly more expensive than the standard model.

Retina would undoubtedly provide the next-generation iPad an edge over the competition, but it’s not yet known what Apple ultimately chooses.…

Break into the Pentagon

April 30, 2017

Many hackers dream of breaking into the Pentagon computer network. Now it is possible and without any consequences. The Defense Department has announced the continuation of a pilot program called Hack the Pentagon.

Americans are increasingly concerned with hackers attacking computer networks, both governmental and private. The most important target for cybercriminals is obviously military networks, so the Department of Defense is developing new projects for their protection.

Some time ago a pilot program called Hack the Pentagon was launched, where hackers could hack into the Pentagon computer network by testing its security. Of course it can not do the first better person out of the street. Hackers are carefully selected, and each of them must undergo a thorough check of the past.

The program proved to be a great success, so the Department of Defense confirmed that it would continue. It managed to clear 138 gaps in the security system and 150,000 dollars were paid to the participants. So it was decided to launch the next stage of the tests, which will be attended by the HackerOne and Synack groups.

The new edition of Hack the Pentagon will not focus solely on the infrastructure of the Department of Defense network. It will also test the technologies provided by DOD collaborators. This will be much safer from the beginning and will provide better protection for your systems.

Hack the Pentagon does not like everyone, and critics have voiced many pages. Many professionals complain that not everyone can take part in it. In addition, the department is able to test only a few selected systems, not all of its infrastructure. This is supposed to change in the new stage of the program, although it is not known exactly how much.

Details of the program are expected to be revealed in a few weeks.…

Second generation Samsung Galaxy A7 in TENAA hands

April 30, 2017

Chinese TENAA, the authority for allowing the sale of devices equipped with wireless communication, has just been tested for the second generation smartphone Samsung Galaxy A7. This allows us to see the exact technical specifications.

The first generation of Galaxy A devices has succeeded, so Samsung is now preparing another generation, counting on consumer interest. This time we have the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the Galaxy A7 model, which was put into the hands of TENAA, the Chinese authority that issues smartphone certificates for sale.

This gives us the opportunity to learn the exact technical specifications of this model. The smartphone weighs 155 grams and only 6.95 mm thick. It features a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with 1080 x 1920 pixels and its heart is a quad core Snapdragon 615 1.5 GHz, powered by the Adreno 405 graphics unit. The manufacturer has also equipped with 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory, which can be expanded up to 128 GB with a microSD card.

On the back panel of the device we find a 13 megapixel camera, while the front camera for video calling and selfie, has a resolution of 5 megapixels. The Galaxy A7 also has a 4G LTE (Cat.4) modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GPS, and a 2600 mAh battery, and runs all Android 5.1.1.

Release date and device price are not yet known.…

Twitter relaxes the 140 character limit

April 18, 2017

Twitter has gained popularity with a unique feature that is capable of typing only 140 characters. Recently, however, the portal has had problems with acquiring new users, so there are plans to resign from the restriction. However, they will not come into force for a while, but the platform loosens a bit of limits, excluding pictures and links to pages.

For years, Twitter has offered its users the ability to enter comments no longer as long as 140 characters, which distinguished this portal against other social media. Over time, however, what was his advantage began to become a toe, seriously hampering the development of the platform.

So it was time to halt the abolition of the limit, which was opposed by the current users. So far, it was decided to compromise, leaving the restrictions on the number of characters in private messages and leaving it in public posts.

Here, however, the limit will sooner or later have to be abolished, although the portal is approaching this issue very cautiously, not wanting to annoy current users. It was decided to slightly loosen the current restrictions and stop counting up to 140 characters of the photo and links to external pages. This will allow users to enter more characters.…

Smartphone detects HIV in 15 minutes

April 15, 2017

Smartphones from year to year can do more, and now engineers are developing their capabilities in terms of medical applications. Devices already have built-in heart rate monitors, there are also modules that test blood sugar levels, but now a device has been created, which in 15 minutes detect the presence of HIV and syphilis.

The module is a work of scientists from New York’s Columbia University and is a relatively small device that works with a smartphone that is designed to test blood samples. All you need to do is place your finger from the sample and transfer it to a disposable cartridge filled with antibodies to detect HIV antibodies, as well as spirochete specific antibody and non-dial antibodies for active syphilis infection.

Researchers claim that their invention is able to replace traditional testing methods for these diseases, and in addition is significantly cheaper in production than typical tests. One such module costs only $ 34.…

The Russians responsible for the attacks on Yahoo

March 30, 2017

The US Department of Justice has determined that Russian attackers are attacking Yahoo servers. There are four specialists, two of whom work for the FSB.

A few months ago, Yahoo representatives confirmed hacking on their servers, storing data from hundreds of millions of users. The head of the portal claimed that Russians could be behind burglaries.

The Department of Justice decided to test this claim and succeeded in confirming it. The investigation has revealed that four Russian hackers are responsible for the attacks, two of which are working for the FSB’s government intelligence agency.

Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchin are spies working for Russian intelligence and, according to investigators, they are directly responsible for cyber attacks. Americans have long accused the Russians of such action, but this is the first case where evidence has been found to directly link them to them.

The other two hacked defendants attacked the Yahoo servers, including Alexsey Belan and Karim Baratov, who helped them organize. Baratov was arrested this week in Canada, and since the US has no extradition treaty with Russia, the man will remain in the US jail.

Justice wants to put hackers accused of financial fraud, economic espionage, business theft and computer hacking.…

Head up Display for each car

March 10, 2017

Recently, Head-Up Display displays, presenting speed and other information directly in front of the driver’s eyes, were reserved only for modern high-end cars. Now such solutions can have anyone, and one of the newer devices of this type is Exploride.

Head-Up Display Displays are a very useful tool for the driver, providing him with current speed information, GPS navigation tips and road signs. And that’s all without having to take your eyes off the road as the information is displayed on the windscreen and the driver has them in front of the eyes.

HUD systems have so far been installed only in premium cars and cost a lot of money, but lately the availability of such solutions has increased significantly and practically everyone can equip their car.

One such product is Exploride, mounted on a dashboard and equipped with a translucent 6 “diagonal display. The system is equipped with a dedicated OBDII diagnostic module, which not only provides information on current speed or fuel consumption, but also allows you to play music, make calls, receive text messages, navigate Google Maps and even view our profile on the portal. social.

The functionality of the system is compatible with smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms, requiring a device with at least a quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of RAM. The device is also equipped with applications such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Twitter and Facebook, and the manufacturer ensures that in the future their number should increase.

The built-in microphone with noise reduction technology lets you talk as a hands-free unit while the video camera serves as a video recorder.…