Are Wireless Desktop Speakers Worth the Money?

Are wireless desktop speakers worth getting? Most people think of the term as a blessing. However, most people don’t realize that wireless desktop speakers aren’t absolute, and there is a drawback to every advantage when it comes to electronics.
The biggest problem that many people would have when using wireless desktop speakers is the fact that the speakers aren’t really wireless. In fact, most wireless speakers have simply replace one wire with an entire box. The box is the receiver for the speakers. The advantage to this is that it allows you to place the speakers at a good distance away from the desktop. This prevents wire tangling to some extent. However, you will lose quality potential the farther you move them away from the desktop. That leaves a big “what-if” when it comes to the quality of wireless desktop speakers.

The wireless desktop speakers will obviously still have wires to operate. You will still have the wire for the power and the wire to connect the speaker to the receiver. Some examples of this are the Rocketfish ™ wireless speaker kits that can be found at Best Buy . According to the description on the website, the Rocketfish ™ wireless speaker kits can deliver CD quality sound to the speakers.

In some builds, the wires can be replaced by Bluetooth devices and the speakers will have built-in Bluetooth receivers. An example of these speakers can be found at Wal-Mart. The Creative Labs Inspire T-12 wireless desktop speakers use Bluetooth technology to operate. However, these speakers may actually receive a weaker signal and the same range as the other type since Bluetooth technology already has shorter ranges and less bandwidth then other wireless technologies. Also, the speaker’s powerful magnet could interfere with the Bluetooth signal. This can result in even less quality when it comes to wireless desktop speakers.

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The choices for wireless desktop speakers are there, but the most frequent choice is usually won over by the quality of the sound produced. Therefore, it may actually be a better choice to stick to wired speakers if possible. If not, then you will want to buy a receiver which can deliver the best quality to wireless desktop speakers.

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