Artificial trees will power our equipment

Wind turbines are large and sparse landscape, so manufacturers of renewable energy systems need to design them in such a way that they blend in with the environment. The French company NewWind has done a fantastic job of creating turbines that resemble a tree.

The technology is called the Wind Tree and in fact looks like a tree from which branches hang large green fruit. The structure has a height of 11 meters and a diameter of 8 meters and there are as many as 72 small turbine units that rotate vertically. Thanks to lightweight materials, they can rotate enough to produce energy at a wind speed of 2 meters per second, which is roughly equivalent to a mild breeze.

In March, the first tests of new power plants will begin and several such “trees” will be on the streets of Paris. Each of them is adequately protected against damage or punctures and can be connected to a city network or to a particular building to which it will be supplied. The manufacturer assures that the single tree has a power of 3.1 kW, which, though not too great value, but because of the small mass of turbines, can produce energy for at least 280 days a year.

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