Break into the Pentagon

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Many hackers dream of breaking into the Pentagon computer network. Now it is possible and without any consequences. The Defense Department has announced the continuation of a pilot program called Hack the Pentagon.

Americans are increasingly concerned with hackers attacking computer networks, both governmental and private. The most important target for cybercriminals is obviously military networks, so the Department of Defense is developing new projects for their protection.

Some time ago a pilot program called Hack the Pentagon was launched, where hackers could hack into the Pentagon computer network by testing its security. Of course it can not do the first better person out of the street. Hackers are carefully selected, and each of them must undergo a thorough check of the past.

The program proved to be a great success, so the Department of Defense confirmed that it would continue. It managed to clear 138 gaps in the security system and 150,000 dollars were paid to the participants. So it was decided to launch the next stage of the tests, which will be attended by the HackerOne and Synack groups.

The new edition of Hack the Pentagon will not focus solely on the infrastructure of the Department of Defense network. It will also test the technologies provided by DOD collaborators. This will be much safer from the beginning and will provide better protection for your systems.

Hack the Pentagon does not like everyone, and critics have voiced many pages. Many professionals complain that not everyone can take part in it. In addition, the department is able to test only a few selected systems, not all of its infrastructure. This is supposed to change in the new stage of the program, although it is not known exactly how much.

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Details of the program are expected to be revealed in a few weeks.

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