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Are Wireless Desktop Speakers Worth the Money?

June 2, 2017

Are wireless desktop speakers worth getting? Most people think of the term as a blessing. However, most people don’t realize that wireless desktop speakers aren’t absolute, and there is a drawback to every advantage when it comes to electronics. The biggest problem that many people would have when using wireless desktop speakers is the fact […]

Why the iPad 2 is Evolutionary and Not Revolutionary

May 13, 2017

The iPad 2 boasts several new features over its predecessor, but although it has a new processor, graphics card, cameras, speakers, and several other new features, the iPad 2 is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Here’s why. The iPad 2 Is Behind the Tablet Curve When most people make iPad 2 comparisons they compare it to the […]

Audio Effects: Chorus

May 6, 2017

There are many instrument and vocal effects an audio engineers and artists can use to improve, polish and sweeten the sound of individual tracks or on entire mix audio recordings. One of the most common and widely used audio effects is the trusty old chorus effect. Chorus effects can take a mono signal and slightly […]

IPad 3 thinner and retina

May 3, 2017

Despite the initial assurances that the Retina screens are too costly to place in the third generation of the iPad, it appears that the new Apple tablet will, however, be equipped with them. A few weeks ago we reported on market speculation that suggested that Retina Display displays would not be included in the third-generation […]

Break into the Pentagon

April 30, 2017

Many hackers dream of breaking into the Pentagon computer network. Now it is possible and without any consequences. The Defense Department has announced the continuation of a pilot program called Hack the Pentagon. Americans are increasingly concerned with hackers attacking computer networks, both governmental and private. The most important target for cybercriminals is obviously military […]

Second generation Samsung Galaxy A7 in TENAA hands

April 30, 2017

Chinese TENAA, the authority for allowing the sale of devices equipped with wireless communication, has just been tested for the second generation smartphone Samsung Galaxy A7. This allows us to see the exact technical specifications. The first generation of Galaxy A devices has succeeded, so Samsung is now preparing another generation, counting on consumer interest. […]

Twitter relaxes the 140 character limit

April 18, 2017

Twitter has gained popularity with a unique feature that is capable of typing only 140 characters. Recently, however, the portal has had problems with acquiring new users, so there are plans to resign from the restriction. However, they will not come into force for a while, but the platform loosens a bit of limits, excluding […]

Smartphone detects HIV in 15 minutes

April 15, 2017

Smartphones from year to year can do more, and now engineers are developing their capabilities in terms of medical applications. Devices already have built-in heart rate monitors, there are also modules that test blood sugar levels, but now a device has been created, which in 15 minutes detect the presence of HIV and syphilis. The […]

The Russians responsible for the attacks on Yahoo

March 30, 2017

The US Department of Justice has determined that Russian attackers are attacking Yahoo servers. There are four specialists, two of whom work for the FSB. A few months ago, Yahoo representatives confirmed hacking on their servers, storing data from hundreds of millions of users. The head of the portal claimed that Russians could be behind […]

Head up Display for each car

March 10, 2017

Recently, Head-Up Display displays, presenting speed and other information directly in front of the driver’s eyes, were reserved only for modern high-end cars. Now such solutions can have anyone, and one of the newer devices of this type is Exploride. Head-Up Display Displays are a very useful tool for the driver, providing him with current […]