Head up Display for each car

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Recently, Head-Up Display displays, presenting speed and other information directly in front of the driver’s eyes, were reserved only for modern high-end cars. Now such solutions can have anyone, and one of the newer devices of this type is Exploride.

Head-Up Display Displays are a very useful tool for the driver, providing him with current speed information, GPS navigation tips and road signs. And that’s all without having to take your eyes off the road as the information is displayed on the windscreen and the driver has them in front of the eyes.

HUD systems have so far been installed only in premium cars and cost a lot of money, but lately the availability of such solutions has increased significantly and practically everyone can equip their car.

One such product is Exploride, mounted on a dashboard and equipped with a translucent 6 “diagonal display. The system is equipped with a dedicated OBDII diagnostic module, which not only provides information on current speed or fuel consumption, but also allows you to play music, make calls, receive text messages, navigate Google Maps and even view our profile on the portal. social.

The functionality of the system is compatible with smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms, requiring a device with at least a quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of RAM. The device is also equipped with applications such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Twitter and Facebook, and the manufacturer ensures that in the future their number should increase.

The built-in microphone with noise reduction technology lets you talk as a hands-free unit while the video camera serves as a video recorder.

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