IPad 3 thinner and retina

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Despite the initial assurances that the Retina screens are too costly to place in the third generation of the iPad, it appears that the new Apple tablet will, however, be equipped with them.

A few weeks ago we reported on market speculation that suggested that Retina Display displays would not be included in the third-generation iPad due to the high cost of production that would significantly increase the price of the tablet. Apparently, however, we managed to find a solution to this problem, because it is said that the iPad, however, will receive a Retina, which provides a picture at 2048 x 1536 pixels and more, such displays are already tested. In addition, the iPad 3 will not only be equipped with a better screen, but also lose weight.

It is not known, however, whether Apple will opt for two versions of iPad 3. The first, with a standard display, and the second with Retina, which would however be slightly more expensive than the standard model.

Retina would undoubtedly provide the next-generation iPad an edge over the competition, but it’s not yet known what Apple ultimately chooses.

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