Official guidelines for smart weapon manufacturers

Finally, the Department of Justice finally finalized a list of guidelines for smart weapons. This is a set of regulations that must be met by its manufacturers before the armament can be sold.

Armaments manufacturers are already beginning to design smart guns with user authentication technology. The US Department of Justice has therefore decided to develop a set of guidelines that manufacturers will have to meet if they want to sell such products.

Their work began in June this year and has just been announced. Guided guidelines include, a list of specifications for manufacturers of such weapons, based on the suggestions of law enforcement representatives. These include, for example, safety features, accident prevention, and the need to charge batteries for the electronics of the gun and to replace it.

In the final version of the guide we will find a record that requires the security system to shut down the trigger mechanism when it is not in the hands of an authorized user. The system must also be permanently built into the weapon so that it can not be dismantled. It should also be controlled with external accessories such as rings, tokens or bands.

Authorization technology must also not interfere with the operation of the weapon or extend the time it takes to remove it from the holster and give it a shot. If it fails, the weapon must have a system that will unlock it.

The Department of Justice hopes that smart weapon providers will include these guidelines in their products.

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