Artificial trees will power our equipment

March 8, 2017

Wind turbines are large and sparse landscape, so manufacturers of renewable energy systems need to design them in such a way that they blend in with the environment. The French company NewWind has done a fantastic job of creating turbines that resemble a tree.

The technology is called the Wind Tree and in fact looks like a tree from which branches hang large green fruit. The structure has a height of 11 meters and a diameter of 8 meters and there are as many as 72 small turbine units that rotate vertically. Thanks to lightweight materials, they can rotate enough to produce energy at a wind speed of 2 meters per second, which is roughly equivalent to a mild breeze.

In March, the first tests of new power plants will begin and several such “trees” will be on the streets of Paris. Each of them is adequately protected against damage or punctures and can be connected to a city network or to a particular building to which it will be supplied. The manufacturer assures that the single tree has a power of 3.1 kW, which, though not too great value, but because of the small mass of turbines, can produce energy for at least 280 days a year.…

Official guidelines for smart weapon manufacturers

February 4, 2017

Finally, the Department of Justice finally finalized a list of guidelines for smart weapons. This is a set of regulations that must be met by its manufacturers before the armament can be sold.

Armaments manufacturers are already beginning to design smart guns with user authentication technology. The US Department of Justice has therefore decided to develop a set of guidelines that manufacturers will have to meet if they want to sell such products.

Their work began in June this year and has just been announced. Guided guidelines include, a list of specifications for manufacturers of such weapons, based on the suggestions of law enforcement representatives. These include, for example, safety features, accident prevention, and the need to charge batteries for the electronics of the gun and to replace it.

In the final version of the guide we will find a record that requires the security system to shut down the trigger mechanism when it is not in the hands of an authorized user. The system must also be permanently built into the weapon so that it can not be dismantled. It should also be controlled with external accessories such as rings, tokens or bands.

Authorization technology must also not interfere with the operation of the weapon or extend the time it takes to remove it from the holster and give it a shot. If it fails, the weapon must have a system that will unlock it.

The Department of Justice hopes that smart weapon providers will include these guidelines in their products.…

Spotify Discovery Weekly has 40 million listeners

January 23, 2017

The relatively new Discovery Weekly feature launched by Spotify in July last year is gaining in popularity at an extremely fast pace. Representatives of the site have just praised that their new function already has 40 million listeners.

Discovery Weekly is one of the newer features offered by Spotify, which was launched last summer. In a nutshell, every Monday, site users receive a completely new music recommendation list that they can listen to for the remainder of the week.

This feature is extremely popular as more than half of the listeners are returning every Monday for a new playlist. It is worth to add that since the beginning of its existence, almost 5 billion works have been re-created. Discovery Weekly’s greatest popularity is in the 25-34 age group as well as 55 years and over. In turn the most popular genre of music is pop, followed by Indietronica and Indie pop.…

Tesla promises more chargers in Europe

January 21, 2017

Tesla Motors has so far focused primarily on developing its business in the United States, but will soon be focusing on Europe as well. Representatives of the group have stated that soon there will be more stations in the countries of the Old Continent, where owners of these modern vehicles will be able to recharge them.

Until recently, the biggest drawback of electric vehicles were weak batteries and a small number of charging stations. Thanks to the efforts of Tesla Motors, the situation is improving in this matter, because the American company not only can drive a single charge of up to 500 km, but the manufacturer also takes care to replenish the energy in the batteries.

Now the focus of this concern will be on Europe. Tesla announces the installation on the Old Continent’s network of chargers named Destination Chargers, which are already available in several cities in Asia and the United States. Chargers are to be easily accessible, meaning they will appear in places where car owners will not have trouble connecting, such as restaurants, hotels, casinos, golf clubs, etc. In total, they can be expected in 150 locations.…

117 “nighthawk” will hit the razor blade. The last breath of American aviation pride

January 20, 2017

For several years they have been waiting for their last breath, but now we know that it will not happen again. F-117 “Nigthawk” stealth fighter planes from the state of Wisconsin will be available in razor blades and some of them to museums.

The Lockheed F-117 “Nigthawk” is without a doubt a unique aircraft. This is one of the first and probably the most popular “stealth” aircraft in the world. It is also a symbol of the American technological domination of the Cold War era, where “modern” stealth engines such as B-2, F-22 and F-35 have hatched. This is the first time for such a large scale the use of special materials absorbing radar radiation (so-called RAM materials). They covered the whole plane of the airplane. It owes its characteristic black color to them. The paint itself is not enough to make the F-117’s features. To reduce detection, engineers designed the individual parts of the hull so that their edges were aligned with one another. This allowed dissipation of incoming radio waves of radars in different directions, reducing the effective reflection surface. It is this feature that gives the F-117 its characteristic triangular shape.

However, the F-117 is a unique bomber not only because it uses advanced technology to reduce the detection of enemy radar. The technical novelties of the F-117 were much more. Among other things, the whole project was for many years a strict secret. In fact, the F-117 is also used as a mystery because bombers used by the USAF usually have the letter “B” (bomber). The letter “F” (fighter mark) was designed to confuse rivals from behind the iron curtain.

It was one of the first aircraft to utilize multiple fly-by-wire technology and active flight control systems. The use of these systems was necessary because the partial invisibility of the F-117 was achieved through an unusual hull layout. These features, combined with a specific construction system without a distinct tail portion, made this aircraft very unstable with all attempts at full manual control. In order for a plane to fly wherever this pilot wanted, all commanded commands had to be processed. It took care of the ultra-modern control system, but still, the F-117 was a very difficult aircraft to pilot. Among other things, practically all of the flight took place using a pre-programmed computer, which controlled the plane according to a pre-determined route.

Interestingly, the F-117 was not a supersonic aircraft. For the tasks planned for …

China creates a new standard for autonomous cars

January 14, 2017

Autonomous market is still not fully settled yet, and individual manufacturers are following in their chosen direction. China wants to prepare for their arrival and announce the creation of uniform standards for this type of technology.

According to Reuters, the Chinese government is serious about the technological advancement of self-driving cars. It wants to create a uniform standard of such vehicles, which all their manufacturers planning to produce such cars will have to stick with.

The purpose of these activities is to ensure that the functionality of this type of communication system complies with national standards and legislation. This is the avoidance of such situations as in the case of the United States and the Uber when one region of the country allows the testing of autonomous vehicles, otherwise it is illegal.

The creation of new standards will take a moment, so it was initially announced that they will be implemented only in 2018.…

Hello, here’s the cosmos

January 8, 2017

Since the first step of man on the moon and flying into the space of Russian sputnik, much has changed. There is an International Space Station (ISS) on the ground, where the crew is constantly on the ground. What is the life of a modern astronaut?

In orbit, simple activities such as morning ablution or tooth cleaning require a lot of gymnastics. All of the water is taken from Earth. Water transport is expensive because of its weight and is therefore considered a deficit product. Each drop is re-processed and used for a variety of purposes. There are also sweat and liquids from the toilet. And while the latter are used far from the human, the popular astronaut say is, “In orbit, do not think too much about what you drink.”

Fleeing bubbles

Another issue is security. The space station is filled with electronic devices, and the water, when squeezed out of the tube, takes the form of small bubbles, which are unblocked like soap bubbles. Washing is therefore mainly “dry”. Station employees use materials that are soaked with detergent and then “rinsed” with wet towels. Where the term “wet” is relative, the farther from our planet, the other way it looks. On a piece of material astronauts squeeze from a special package larger or smaller bubble of water (he must make sure that this bubble does not trickle in the undesirable direction), wiping his body, face, hands and so his whole morning shower. Women-astronauts have mastered washing their heads in a water bubble to perfection, and it is important to realize that gravity-free hair is fluttering like a flag in every direction, so even such banal activity takes twice as long as it does on Earth. Wet towels are deposited in a special container so that the liquid evaporates. I was obviously used again.

Dangerous crumbs

In the history of naval conquest, many of the ship’s captains had to face the rebellion of the crew against a poorly cooked chef or poor quality food. In order to sweeten astronauts for the sake of space travel, NASA has significantly improved the standards of cosmic food.

In the days when the expeditions beyond Earth had just begun, it was not light. On board space vehicles the only food was crushed squeezed or frozen food powder, with no taste, but difficult to use. Russians were allowed a glass of vodka. Nowadays, the cosmic canteen is on a better level, but alcohol has been strictly …

Work on Hyperloop is gaining momentum

December 20, 2016

Elon Musk is another step closer to realizing the Hyperloop project, which aims to create a super fast vacuum train capable of carrying passengers at speeds in excess of 1000 km / h. The billionaire managed to sign a contract with the manufacturer of the vacuum pumps.

Elon Musk has boasted that his company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, has signed an agreement with Oerlikon Leybold to produce industrial vacuum pumps, Aecom engineers and the Hodgetts + Fung architectural firm that will help build the vacuum train.

Carl Brockmeyer, director of Oerlikon Leybold, in a media interview, confirmed that the company has already created a six-man team of engineers to develop an effective vacuum method in a 1,120-kilometer long tube that will have the first line. In his view, technically, this is not a big challenge, but a much bigger problem is the energy required for the pumps. The pumps need a lot of power, while Musk wants to keep the costs low, so he plans to supply them with energy from solar panels and wind turbines. As you know, these are not particularly effective methods of energy production, so engineers have to come up with a way to just pump it.…

Jump of 30 kilometers

November 21, 2016

On July 25th Austrian athlete Felix Baumgartner made a jump from 29,455 meters in height, reaching a drop rate of over 862 km / h. Felix fell 3 minutes and 48 seconds. It was a remarkable feat, but the Red Bull Stratos team has far more far-reaching plans. Ultimately Felix is ​​supposed to be the first man to cross the speed of sound in a free flight. To do this, it is supposed to rise in a special capsule up to nearly 40 kilometers. The view from this point is amazing and resembles the experience of real astronauts. These are the boundaries of the stratospheric stratum, which is the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere located at an altitude of about 15 to 45 km. Felix Baumgartner will also beat the record for the highest parachute jump, owned by Joseph Kittinger, who in 1960 jumped from 31,300 meters.

Felix Baumgartner is the best in the history of BASE jumper (jumping from grounded objects with delayed opening of the parachute). Preparations for the mission Red Bull Stratos began in 2005. Two years later, experts began to build the capsule. In 2008 Red Bull Stratos team joined former American Joe Kittinger, who is Baumgartner’s mentor and mentor. In 2009, work on the suit, helmet and parachute was completed. The world learned the mission only in 2010 at a press conference in New York. In 2011, the mission gained momentum and Baumgartner began intensive physical, psychological and technical training. In March 2012, Baumgartner successfully completed his first stratospheric test, jumping from 21,818 meters to reach 587 km / h.…

Next-generation Sony display

November 6, 2016

Sony Corporation has announced the development of a new generation display called “Crystal LED Display”. The prototype 55-inch Full HD display of the new display is presented at the CES 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show.

This is the industry’s first 55-inch, self-luminous Full HD display, which uses LEDs as the light source. Compared with current LCDs, the 55-inch prototype exhibited at CES is approximately 3.5 times brighter in bright places, about 40% larger in reproduced color range and about 10 times faster in film (all values Compared to the current Sony models).

Sony plans to use “Crystal LED Display” technology in a wide range of professional and consumer electronics products. Sony intends to simultaneously develop and market displays based on organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and on the new “Crystal LED Display” technology.

Interest in this technology was demonstrated by LG, who promised that from this display will make its final product in 2012.…