Smartphone detects HIV in 15 minutes

Smartphones from year to year can do more, and now engineers are developing their capabilities in terms of medical applications. Devices already have built-in heart rate monitors, there are also modules that test blood sugar levels, but now a device has been created, which in 15 minutes detect the presence of HIV and syphilis.

The module is a work of scientists from New York’s Columbia University and is a relatively small device that works with a smartphone that is designed to test blood samples. All you need to do is place your finger from the sample and transfer it to a disposable cartridge filled with antibodies to detect HIV antibodies, as well as spirochete specific antibody and non-dial antibodies for active syphilis infection.

Researchers claim that their invention is able to replace traditional testing methods for these diseases, and in addition is significantly cheaper in production than typical tests. One such module costs only $ 34.

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