Spotify Discovery Weekly has 40 million listeners

The relatively new Discovery Weekly feature launched by Spotify in July last year is gaining in popularity at an extremely fast pace. Representatives of the site have just praised that their new function already has 40 million listeners.

Discovery Weekly is one of the newer features offered by Spotify, which was launched last summer. In a nutshell, every Monday, site users receive a completely new music recommendation list that they can listen to for the remainder of the week.

This feature is extremely popular as more than half of the listeners are returning every Monday for a new playlist. It is worth to add that since the beginning of its existence, almost 5 billion works have been re-created. Discovery Weekly’s greatest popularity is in the 25-34 age group as well as 55 years and over. In turn the most popular genre of music is pop, followed by Indietronica and Indie pop.

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