Tesla promises more chargers in Europe

Tesla Motors has so far focused primarily on developing its business in the United States, but will soon be focusing on Europe as well. Representatives of the group have stated that soon there will be more stations in the countries of the Old Continent, where owners of these modern vehicles will be able to recharge them.

Until recently, the biggest drawback of electric vehicles were weak batteries and a small number of charging stations. Thanks to the efforts of Tesla Motors, the situation is improving in this matter, because the American company not only can drive a single charge of up to 500 km, but the manufacturer also takes care to replenish the energy in the batteries.

Now the focus of this concern will be on Europe. Tesla announces the installation on the Old Continent’s network of chargers named Destination Chargers, which are already available in several cities in Asia and the United States. Chargers are to be easily accessible, meaning they will appear in places where car owners will not have trouble connecting, such as restaurants, hotels, casinos, golf clubs, etc. In total, they can be expected in 150 locations.

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