Twitter relaxes the 140 character limit

Twitter has gained popularity with a unique feature that is capable of typing only 140 characters. Recently, however, the portal has had problems with acquiring new users, so there are plans to resign from the restriction. However, they will not come into force for a while, but the platform loosens a bit of limits, excluding pictures and links to pages.

For years, Twitter has offered its users the ability to enter comments no longer as long as 140 characters, which distinguished this portal against other social media. Over time, however, what was his advantage began to become a toe, seriously hampering the development of the platform.

So it was time to halt the abolition of the limit, which was opposed by the current users. So far, it was decided to compromise, leaving the restrictions on the number of characters in private messages and leaving it in public posts.

Here, however, the limit will sooner or later have to be abolished, although the portal is approaching this issue very cautiously, not wanting to annoy current users. It was decided to slightly loosen the current restrictions and stop counting up to 140 characters of the photo and links to external pages. This will allow users to enter more characters.

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