Why the iPad 2 is Evolutionary and Not Revolutionary

The iPad 2 boasts several new features over its predecessor, but although it has a new processor, graphics card, cameras, speakers, and several other new features, the iPad 2 is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Here’s why.
The iPad 2 Is Behind the Tablet Curve

When most people make iPad 2 comparisons they compare it to the original iPad and not to the tablet market in general. When you look at Apple’s new tablet, you’ll usually see that it has a faster processor, better graphics, two new cameras, and other nifty features that weren’t on the first version, but if you look at the tablet market you’ll notice that the iPad 2 has half the RAM of most tablets [512MB instead of 1GB], subpar front and back facing cameras, poor internet options [bad data plans, no 4G support, and WiFi or 3G models], no Adobe Flash support, lacks expandable memory, and lacks native data ports. The original iPad was revolutionary and was a serious game changer – the iPad 2 is just a standard second generation tablet.

Some Things Were Minor Improvements – or Weren’t Changed at All

While we’re on the subject of Apple’s second generation tablet evolved, some things on the iPad 2 were barely changed from the original, while some things weren’t changed at all. The iPad 2 received a minor upgrade in its design [slimmer, lighter, and has new speakers], but its display, battery, internet options, ports, and the majority of the apps on the iPad 2 are the same that were used on the original.

Lots of the New Features are Just iPad 3 Stepping Stones

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The iPad 2 would have been revolutionary if Apple would have spent their time adding features that would have made the iPad phenomenal instead of focusing their time on creating Smart Covers and making the iPad thinner and lighter, tweaking the speakers, adding shoddy cameras, and creating a white model. You can kind of tell what the next iPad will feature by looking at what the current model is missing. It’s likely that the iPad 3 will feature Retina Display, 4G internet technology, HD cameras, and more RAM.

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